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written by Natalie Ryneveld

Confession: there was an extensive period of time where my sister and I hated wearing helmets. From the time our mom put us into ski school at age three until about high school, we despised them. We had the same answers as many other non-helmet fans have today: they were unattractive and they just weren’t cool. Then we came to our senses after hearing of growing amount of serious accidents resulting from not wearing a helmet…


Gradually we saw goofy and kid-friendly helmet covers make their way into the market place, and one day a red-devil horned helmet cover found its home on our baby brother’s helmet. While we agreed with our mom that we wouldn’t be caught dead wearing one ourselves, we did admire how well it matched his outfit. We searched for weeks to find any helmet covers close to cute, but each day we returned with no success. On the brink of giving up, our mom suddenly lit up and asked “Why don’t we just make them ourselves?” And that question is what lead us to where we are today…


Helmet Huggers is an East Coast-based company producing high-end helmet covers for women skiers, snowboarders and cyclists. We are proud to say that these helmet covers are 100% American manufactured with luxurious faux furs and premium quality spandexes. Our mission is to inspire helmet safety among women by creating glamorous helmet covers that make women look good and feel good.


Hope you join us in making safety, glamorous!


Best wishes,


Stephanie, Natalie and Melanie

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